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Friday, 16/11/2018, 20h:23:47
  • The Government and the PM issued 22 legal documents, including 18 Decrees and 04 Decisions, in September 2018. 

Environmental protection of 3 large river basins
​​In the environmental protection work in the river basins of the Nhue, Day and Chau Giang, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is focusing on implementing two tasks: closely manage and control waste water discharged into river basins, especially those from upstream and downstream waters; intensifythe investment promotion and diversify the sources of investment for the performance of tasks and projects related to the improvement of water sources in river basins.​

Cooperate to deal with with dioxin contaminated environment at Bien Hoa airport
Bien Hoa airport area is the most polluted dioxin spot in Vietnam, with about 500,000 m3 of contaminated soil. The treatment of dioxin contaminated environment has been carried out for many years. The program is supported by many international organizations.

Letter of Director General

Welcome to the Web Portal of Vietnam Environment Administration

In the trend of economic development and international integration, the environment sector of Vietnam is carrying out important missions to protect and manage the environment, and to ensure the sustainable development for the country.